SWEL AB has since the start in 1994 supplied the highest quality electrical material to all Europe.
We deliver to small and large projects all-around Europe.

Sweden East European El's (SWEL) business concept is simple. We strive to offer our customers complete satisfaction by selling a huge range of electrical equipment and also by taking full responsibility for the products we sell. Environmental thinking is an important and obvious part of our business and we work continuously to develop and improve our products with environmental issues in mind. When it comes to service, we stick to our word. Since we guarantee quick and secure deliveries, you can be sure our products will arrive on time. Every business has different needs and requirements, and we are keen to hear yours so we can create individual and more personal solutions for you and your business.

Quality leads to satisfied customers

There are many reasons to choose SWEL. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge when it comes to electricity and electrical equipment and offer a very wide selection. More importantly, not only do we provide high quality products but also a high quality service and transports. All our products come from well established, high quality brands.

The importance of a clean environment

The environment is not an inexhaustible source of raw material but a gift that has been inherited and should be used with caution so it can be passed on to the next generation. What we know about environmental thinking is thus crucial and naturally part of our business, both during the process of manufacturing in Sweden and in the countries we export to. Our suppliers are already environmentally aware, but we are both ongoing in our quest to improve and develop our already environmentally friendly products. An example of our efforts would be making sure the shortest route is always taken, directly from the factory to the purchaser.

Our products spread light and heat

SWEL sells all sorts of electrical equipment, from fluorescent lights and street
lights to cables and electrical boards. The common feature is, however, that all products are of high Swedish quality, the best kind of product for any business! We offer and create individual solutions, tailored for you and your business. Our aim is that our customers always feel confident and safe with products and deliveries from SWEL. As an additional service, we have guarantees for all products from the factory to the purchaser.


At SWEL, nothing is impossible. We are always available to give advice and to
answer questions when our customers need help. Everything and anything is
possible. That is why we strive to forge long lasting relationships both with our suppliers and customers. We can guarantee accurate, flawless, and quickly delivered equipment, which gives us satisfied customers. Confidence in us is imperative and also part of our business concept.


SWEL;s head office is located in Holmsjö, in southern Sweden. We deliver Swedish high quality products to our customers in Europe. We have years of experience, extensive knowledge of the business and well established relationships with transport companies with great knowledge and good service. Consequently, we can always guarantee fast and safe deliveries of all our products.

We share our knowledge

Cooperation between us and the customer is vital to increase and spread
knowledge about electricity and electrical equipment. As part of our solutions we happily share our knowledge and experience with our customers. The knowledge we have of our products leads to both increased quality and confidence. 


Sweden East European EL AB

Ledjavägen 1

373 37 Holmsjö


Tel: 0455 911 67

Email: info@swel.se




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