About Swel AB

SWEL AB has since beginning in 1994 delivered electrical material of highest quality to Europe. We deliver to small and large projects in Europe. 

SWELs business idea is simple. We want to offer our customers completeness. Though selling all kinds of electrical material, large and small parts. As part of this, environmental thinking is an obvious and important part for us. We are constantly working to have the best possible product. We keep our promise to the customer about products and delivery time. You can be sure to get your delivery in right time. We guarantee fast and safe deliveries. All companies have different needs and wishes. We listen to your requests and create individual solutions for your company 


Quality will give happy customers

There is many reasons to choose SWEL. We have a long and solid experience in the electricity industry. We also have a very wide range of products. We are always listening to our customers needs and wishes. We always have high quality not only the products also when it comes to service and transports. All our products is wellkown brands.

A good environment is important for all of us

Nature is not an inexhaustible source of resources, but also a gift that we have been granted and which must be best managed and then passed on. What we know about environmental thinking is therefore an important and obvious part of our business, both during the manufacturing process in Sweden and in the countries where we sell our products. Our manufacturers have already come a long way, but both they and we of course continue to develop and improve our products from an environmental point of view. Transportation is always the shortest route, but detours directly from factory to end customer.

Trygga produkter från Swel AB

Our products spread light and heat

SWEL sell all types of electrical materials, large and small. Common for our products is that all are of the highest quality, from fluorescent lamps and street lights, to cables and distribution boards. We have the best products for both large and small companies. That is why we design individual solutions to fit your business. Our goal is that our customers always shall feel satisfied with SWEL products and deliveries. As an extra service, we have a guarantee for all our products, all the way from factory to end customer.


Nothing is impossible for us. Our goal is to be available and give advice and answer questions when our customers need support.
We want long realtions with our customers and suppliers.  We can guarantee faultless and quickly delivered goods which gives us satisfied customers. Trust is important to us and is part of our business concept.

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SWELs main office is in Holmsjö, a small Community in region Blekinge in South Sweden. We deliver quality products in Europe. We have long experience and good cooperation with transport companies that have good experience of fast and safe deliveries for our products.

We share our knowledge 

It is important with cooperation to increase the knowledge about electricity and electrical material. As a part of our solutions we like to share our knowledge to our customers. The knowledge we have about our products increase trust and quality.


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